Suspense Magazine September/October 2013

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Her questions about the story were thought-provoking and definitely led me to changes that vastly improved the book. No matter where you are, or think you are, with your project, Jodie can help.

Suspense Magazine September/October 2013

Her sense of dialogue is superb. She will show you how to pace your work appropriately, and is a master at point of view issues and building more personality into your characters. She does it all without infringing on your voice.

Jodie is also a precise grammar queen. Simply, Jodie is the best all-around editor I have ever used. I paid her more money than we agreed to. I did and I will again and again. Winner of gold medal from FAPA. Jodie Renner worked with me to transform my thriller , The Lonely Mile , from an exciting book to a tight, suspenseful, heart-pounding thrill ride. She identified plot holes, eliminated repetitive phrasing, and helped improve the pacing, which forms the heart of a thriller. Jodie Renner is an enthusiastic, energetic and highly skilled editor with extremely fair rates.

Yes, she edited it, but I felt she was a team member and collaborator in this lonely business. I also like it that she will suggest a rewording of a sentence or phrase. She will debate a point with me and always has a good reason to suggest a revision. But with Jodie, often I will have a section back on the same or next day. Her praise—and silence—is very important.

Do you want it to be the best it can be?


Of course you do. But no matter how much time you spend on that final draft, or how many times you go over it, there are still going to be things wrong with it that an agent will pick up on. The good news is, a good editor can catch those glitches before you send it out, and they can help make your work look a ton more professional. Her editing is accurate, insightful, and complete. Her turnaround is quick, and her prices are very reasonable. Give her a shout. Not only did she tame my wayward commas and misguided hyphens, she also vastly improved the opening, caught me on several logic flaws, and nudged me into making clearer word choices.


In addition, her response time every step of the way was nothing short of miraculous. Jodie made it clear from the start that the final say on anything was mine and, indeed, we had a few lively style debates via email. But she was always good-natured about these discussions and remained willing to answer countless questions that might seem minor to some, but which were major to me.

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There was never a limit on how many times we sent a section back and forth; she was clearly as committed to getting it right as I was. Jodie came recommended to me by several independent sources, and I am happy to enthusiastically add my voice to theirs in recommending her services. She will also emphasize the strengths. Her understanding of story structure is stellar and her expertise at nailing the exact points where my chapters should have ended dramatically improved the pacing in my romantic suspense story, The Man Who Fell From the Sky. She caught multiple continuity errors and defined plot holes.

Bless her, she even fixed my amateurish point-of-view errors. Color me impressed! The process moved as quickly as I was able to do the work Jodie suggested, and she spurred me time and again to improve my writing with her comments and questions. Jodie caught events out of sequence and suggested ways to fix them out of a deep understanding of how storytelling works.

I felt I earned it.

Her critique was gentle but pointed. She took my new YA thriller, Universal Forces , to a professional level, helping to clarify meaning, sharpen words, and hone character motivation. Before you send your manuscript or book into the world, contact her. Jodie has the ability to step back from the story and see the big picture, then zoom in and look at the finer points.

Her ongoing insights are helping to breathe life into the characters and shape the scenes to maximize the suspense. Jodie is great at catching inconsistencies and hovering or ping-ponging point of view, and I appreciate that Jodie takes the time to explain things in the margin — because of all these teaching moments, my next novels will also be stronger.

Even so, she did a stellar job of cleaning up stray punctuation, spotting repeated words, and policing continuity issues. I have no doubt that Bad Publicity is a stronger book than it would have been without her expert editing. Joanne Sydney Lessner , Nov. This is why we need help.

COSMOPOLITAN Singapore Magazine October 2013

Professional help. More specifically, the help of a professional who has an eagle-eye for detail and a solid command of how to create and maintain that all-important tension, conflict and suspense, and one who is not afraid to call us on every little detail that we thought we could let slip through, rather than having to go to all the effort of changing our precious words. Not to mention her essential help in paring back overwritten passages and finding simpler, rawer words and phrasings that appeal to the emotions. Believe me, the outcome will surprise you with its clarity and power!

I asked Jodie to critique the first 24 pages of my romantic suspense so I could get a feel for how she worked and what I would get out of a full edit. The critique was lively and substantive.

October 10, 2016

Being straightforward and honest, Jodie made me feel like a professional. I look forward to working with her more as I develop my novel. Her analysis, edits and suggestions were excellent, and she improved my manuscript tremendously. Working with her was a pleasure. She was prompt, thorough and incredibly insightful. What a great stroke of luck it was running into her. I feel like her expertise was exactly what I needed to point out the issues in continuity and character development. She is exceptionally conscientious and always goes the extra mile for us. She helps our writers be clear and precise, giving us both corrections and suggestions.

Although Jodie works for many others as well, I see her as an important member of our team. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to be in print! Notify me of new comments via email.

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