Hawaiian Eruption (Nic Taylor Adventure Series Book 6)

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Save D. Note: The first three volumes were also reissued as one volume titled The World of Barbie. Barry the Undaunted. Dynamite Dawn vs. Who's Out to Get Linda? William A. The Betty Wales Girls and Mr. The Mt. Note: This is actually part of the First Love series, a thematic series not included in this bibliography.

Numbers in brackets indicate volume numbers within the First Love series. A Texas Blue Bonnet Jacobs 2. The Bobbsey Twins: Dr. At this point, Wanderer Books began publishing the series in paperback and began renumbering:. The series was discontinued and started again as the New Bobbsey Twins, by Minstrel a division of Simon and Schuster :. In , Grosset and Dunlap also began issuing re-revised hardcover editions of the early volumes, usually with modified titles:. Lost, but Found; or The Jewish Home 4. Fashion and Folly.


Cupples 1. Judd Century, Ethel Hollister's Outing] 5. Note: The first six titles listed above were also published by Donohue using the name Stella M. Francis as follows:. Wilde 1. The Campfire Girls' Duty Call 6. Note: Publication information on this series is still a puzzle. Many of the volumes have no copyright or publication date listed. Mary Lee is also a character in the Camp Fire Girls series.

Famous, but copies of Marigold's Pony have been seen with Rietz listed as author on the cover and Hart as author on the title page. Saalfield 1. Note: Each title in this series was reissued by Saalfield in with a different title as follows:. No Boys Allowed! Color War! Who's the New Girl? What's a Girl To Do?

Party Time! Princess Who? Help Wanted! Who's Got a Crush on Andy? Before Love Gloria D. Sunrise G. A Special Love Harriette S. Cheer Me On!

Hawaiian Words Used in the Glossary

Carrie Loves Superman Gloria D. Do You Really Love Me? Jeanne R. Heartbreaker Last Kiss in April N. Cupid Confusion Harriette S. First Impression Harriette S.

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A Good Sport Harriette S. Harcourt 1. Where is My Heart?

What Happened to Candy Carmichael? Note: This series appears in the Tyndale catalogue, but no information has been found to verify publication. Graves 1. Desperado Chassie L. The Golden Hawk Jean M. Note: These books were not advertised as a series although they trace the lives of some of the main characters from the first two titles.

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Since a number of Pansy's books use this technique, it is possible there are others that belong on this list. A reading list from lists six "Chautauqua Stories": volumes and The Hall in the Grove and.

Eighty-Seven ; the latter two may also be related titles. Trying Out Caroline B. Saying Yes Caroline B. Note: After the fourth book, four members of the Cherokees Club grow up and leave the series; the fifth member starts a new club, the Lookout Club. Note: The A. Flanagan Company of Chicago, Illinois first published most of the titles in this series in a school edition. Breaking the Rules Candice F. The Bad and the Beautiful Caroline B.

The Morning After Caroline B. Note: Advertisements in the first two books list volumes 3 and 4 as forthcoming, but nothing has been found to verify publication. Jacobs 1. Scholastic PB 1. Summer Heat! Be Mine! Beach Party! Fenno 1. Beginning in , some of the earlier volumes were reissued with new volume numbers and four new volumes were added The new series consisted of the following titles.

Dates shown for volumes are for the reissued editions. Who's Reading Darci's Diary? Carter Bros. Nellie's Stumbling-Block 5. Note: Although Suzy's Sacrifice was copyrighted in , the American Catalogue also lists it as the last volume of this series, which was published from Blood Sport R.


Century 1. No Children! Another title may be related: Daisy Travers; or. Who Killed Daddy? Note: Girls' Series Companion lists volume 6, but no other information has been found to verify publication. Doris Fein: Legacy of Terror.

Lothrop Co. Note: Advertisements note that "odd-numbered volumes have heroines; even numbers feature boys. Who Cares about Espie Sanchez? Ester Ried appears only in the first volume; the other stories trace the lives of related characters. The latter three may contain related characters.

New York Book 1. Crowell 1. Fairmount's Quartette. Me and Fat Glenda 2.