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  4. BLACK RAINBOWS to release sixth album « Pandaemonium » on April 6th through Heavy Psych Sounds!
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After an absolutely stunning performance mixing old and new music alike, we were able.

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Previous 1 2 3 4 … 16 Next. This is a special record and deserves full attention; over time one will hear different elements within it. Dig in and get lost; let your journey begin. Vision Beyond Horizon. Pandaemonium Green Fluo. Limited edition green fluo vinyl. Pandaemonium has this mix of new wave of stoner-occult riffing a la Black Sabbath , but in a heavier way.

Some of the songs remind of Fu Manchu but sound heavier than ever, and then you have one long doom-sludge-stoner suite "Grindstone" , and a couple of lysergic, dreamy, heavy psych songs that will blow your mind. The album sounds killer and was recorded at Forward Studios, one of Italy's finest recording spaces. Produced by Gabriele Fiori and engineered by Fabio Sforza , with a special focus on the drums, handled for the first time in Black Rainbows by Filippo Ragazzoni.

Bass riffing is solid and has a mellow sound, and the wall of fuzz from Fiori's guitars will drive you nuts. Artwork will be, for the third time for the band, from the visionary SoloMacello. This is the sixth studio album for the band, and by far the best one yet. It's the most solid and complete album they have ever recorded. Pandaemonium Yellow Splatter. Limited edition yellow splatter vinyl. Ryte Clear Water Green Vinyl. Clear water green vinyl. Ryte 's debut album is basically the result of an intense one-and-a-half-year writing process late early , which was definitely fueled by a very creative and communal spirit within the band.

The album consists of four long tracks which were constructed and developed carefully over time. The flow came totally natural as every member participated equally and contributed their very own personal abilities. The album definitely pushes the boundaries of psych rock as it is influenced by countless styles of music, including doom, prog rock, jazz, and even world music.

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The sound is dominated by down-tuned, sometimes doomy, sometimes epic twin guitars, dynamic and jazzy drums, distorted, playful basslines and spacey Theremin landscapes. Even though vocals are rare they do exist and are done either by Lukas or Arik , while the lyrics refer to freaked-out sci-fi stuff. Production-wise Hannes himself took over the project and recorded the album at his own rehearsal space. Michael Piller did the mixing and none other than the underground producer-legend Tim Green mastered the album at Louder Studios in California.

In mid, Hannes, Arik, and Shardik decided to start a new project together. At that time, Arik and Shardik had already been playing several years together in Pastor and were looking for someone to jam with. By chance they met drummer Hannes at a Saviours show in Vienna.

Fiorella Terenzi - Musica Stellare (, CD) | Discogs

Shortly afterwards Ryte was founded. The only thing that was still missing was a bass-player. The band finally found the last missing part in late and was then a complete four-piece with Lukas on bass. They spent at least one intense year of continuous rehearsals and songwriting sessions in order to get a live-set and of course, an album together. Since day one, the band's goal was to play sophisticated, mostly instrumental heavy psych with little hints of classic prog, space rock, doom, and plenty of other stuff.

Speaking of influences, the band is not limited by any means as long as it sounds fresh and interesting and does the band's initial idea of adventurous heaviness justice.

BLACK RAINBOWS to release sixth album « Pandaemonium » on April 6th through Heavy Psych Sounds!

Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler Vol. The fifth sampler from Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds. A hammered four-stroke beat like a twin cylinder engine running on idle, a roaring guitar riff revving up the rpms of the iron-built motorcycle-inspired band, then the fresh and insisting breeze of a Farfisa organ whispering " let's ride ", and a heavy bass greasing up the reliable crank and rods of that authentic rock'n'roll machine, and there it goes ladies and gents, the mighty Lords Of Altamont combo!

Riding hard on backyard-built, loud pipes, and rigid frame indestructible raw choppers, the band left their garage enlivened by the year of , right at the crossroads of the Summer of Love and the birth of punk rock. Through fads and fashions, either on wax or on stage, the Lords can take you back to this era of freedom and rebellion with their hi-octane tunes. The gang has been already rocking the world for 17 years with spectacular performances, firmly run-in by five solid stainless records and they're now fine-tuned with this new release of ten powerful late-sixties tracks which manage to sound fiendishly contemporary.

Let's welcome the LA combo back and hit the road to rock'n'roll with the "Savage 4". Holy Shit Splatter Vinyl. New limited repress.

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And you're thinking " Holy shit! It's there in the inimitable space-grunge of "It's All Over", or the take-a-drag-and-be-gone "Let's Get Lost", or the way "Tomorrow Never Comes" manages to be so, so heavy and laid back at the same time. It's in the paradise-psych of "Gates Of Eden" and even the snoring you hear before the devilish "Man's Best Friend" kicks in to open the album the studio couch became a crash spot.

Just a little more unhinged. It's a sixth Nebula album -- something for which even the most ardent of fans could hardly have hoped. Leads and loops and feedback effects were done live by Glass and Davies as they recorded the basic tracks, just the way they'd do it on stage, and overdubs followed after as needed. A glut of material was produced and whittled down to the core of what you hear here. A sixth Nebula album.

And when you hear it, you'll find yourself saying that title all over again. Cover art by Robin Gnista. Violet Hour Color Vinyl. Limited edition color vinyl. Violet Hour sees the energy of Alunah's dark, doom-tinged hard rock being cranked up with the arrival of guitarist Dean Ashton bassist in Diamond Head alongside the soaring vocals of Sian Greenaway and rhythmic foundation of Dan Burchmore and Jake Mason. Recorded at the historic Welsh Foel Studio and produced by Chris Fielding Conan , Electric Wizard , Primordial the eight tracks on display show the fruits of a productive early with a searing combination of melodies, riffs, and focused writing.

Manual Album Stellare (Italian Edition)

Great Hallucinations Color Vinyl. The legendary stoner rockers are back! One of the first bands of the genre present their eighth album after their first EP, Side FX , back in , the era of grunge rock. This time the album hits directly to the soul. Eight new tracks which are different to each other, combining groovy parts with heaviness and melodies.

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The guitars are still heavy but spacey and psychedelic at the same time.